najam auta hrvatska

Summer is approaching. So is the holiday season in Croatia. Taking a clue from our last year’s shortage warning when the last minute clients had to pay extra to get the cars of their choice, we thought we’d explain you through a post on how booking early can save you some money during the time of huge rush and low availability.

Follow the golden rule of making a reservation at least three weeks in advance before actual travel.

• For flexible travel dates, rent a car  during lean business periods. For example, you may get a better rate while traveling in Croatia during off-season months of early spring or autumn .

• If possible, rent a car for weekdays rather than weekends, when the cost can be higher.

• Stay updated by checking our site regularly and take advantage of the fare alerts to get the best prices.

• Don’t wait till the day before your actual travel date to book a car.‘Save Last Minute’ deals are an industry myth and do not exist other than for a very few lucky travelers.

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