The Croatian National Water Polo Team has recently made the nation proud by winning the World Championship held in Budapest, Hungary. Being one of the sponsors for the national team, Nova Rent a Car congratulates the men on bringing the trophy home.

The Rivalry with Serbia

We are incredibly proud of the men as they beat the Serbian team to take their place in the final against Hungary. Playing in front of 7,000 people, the Croatian National Water Polo Team beat their arch rivals by a score of 12-11. The match between the two teams for making it to the final event is one that will be remembered for years to come. Given the history between the two teams and the indescribable atmosphere of the Alfred Hajos Pool, this victory over Serbia was long awaited.

Serbia, who were the defending champions at the event and had not lost any major championship in 4 years, had dominated the Croatian team in the Rio Olympics gold medal match. They beat Croatia by an impressive score of 11-7. Therefore, this win over the defending champions was a wish fulfilled and competition evened out for the entire nation.

The Final Event

The result was the impressive final event between the Hungarians and Croatians. The first quarter of the match remained in the favor of the Croatian National Water Polo Team as they successfully prevented the opposite team from scoring throughout. Meanwhile, the captain of the Croatians, Sandro Sukno managed to score a hattrick, which later became a score of 4. The second quarter of the game witnessed two goals from the Hungarian team while more followed in the third quarter to tie the score.

As the game became highly competitive, the Croatian National Water Polo Team was able to pull through by scoring another 2 goals; quickly followed by another by Sukno. As the opposite team added another 2 goals of their own, the captain was successful in sealing the win for the team by scoring the final 8th goal for the Croatian National Water Polo Team.

We are extremely happy to have supported the Croatian National Water Polo Team throughout the tournament. We will continue to support our heroes in the future and wish them all the luck for upcoming events.

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