Booking instructions


Nova rent a car - Booking instructions

Step 1: Please locations/dates and time for your itinerary

Select your period

Step 2: Select car
Select car

Step 2: If you click on info icon you will get what is included in price.
check price

Step 2: If you click on mail icon you can email quote and save for later.
Emai quote

Step 3: On confirmation step you can check selected car/locations/dates for you period and add extras that are available.
car details

Step 3: Select car insurance for your period
Car insurance

Step 3: Enter Driver info
Driver info

Step 3: Total car rental cost for your period
car rental total

Step 4: Your request is submited, your reservation is in status PENDING
thank you car rental

Email details: You should get email with staus of your reservation
Pending Reservation email

Account activation: Once you click on "Activate your account" you will be able to login on site and check status of your reseravtion directly on site. Please use email as login and password from pending email.

Login to site: Once you are logged, you can check status and update your info.

Confirmation email